Below you can find the questions we have received most frequently. We have made a pre-selection per category underneath.

If you cannot find your question between the FAQ’s, please contact us directly and we will get back to you within 2 days.


I'm a solo traveler, can I join your sailing trip?

We actually get many request from solo travelers wanting to join the trip. We normally look very carefully at all our travelers and select the 8 most suited persons for each boat. 

I have never sailed before, can I join?

Yes, you don’t need any sailing experience for this adventure. If you would like to learn the basics, we are more than happy to teach you the ropes!

Is this sailing adventure suited for children?

Yes, our yacht is perfect for the whole family. We have life jackets for young and old on board. And we can arrange special floaties for children. 

This option is only available as private charter. 

How much do we sail every day?

Depending on the weather, but on average 3 hours a day.

The Yacht

With who will I share my cabin with?

We will do our best to match up the best possible participants. We will always try to match up the same gender in one cabin.

If you have any preferences, please let us know.

What kind of suitcase/ bag should I bring on board?

Please do not bring any hardshell suitcases on board. They are difficult to store. In our experience you don’t need that much close either during your sailing trip.

What kind of shoes can I bring on the yacht?

We don’t allow shoes on the yacht, as it’s very hard to remove the markings from the white deck. If you do bring shoes for the yacht, makes sure they do not have dark soles underneath.

Of course you can use other shoes when we go out in the evening during restaurant visits. 

What type of sockets are there on the yacht?

The yacht is equiped with type-c (European) sockets and USB ports. Every cabin has both type of sockets (see image).


Can I cook on the boat myself?

The galley (kitchen) is the domain of our hostess. She will prepare delicious breakfast and lunch every day for you. 

However we do organise a team cooking event during one of our evenings. Other nights we will discover the local kitchen of the island.  

What can you expect from the crew on board?

Your hostess will prepare your breakfast and lunch. Underway she will assist with making the catamaran sail-ready.

Your skipper brings you safely to each destination, teach you how to sail or test your skills througout the week. 

Your Wellness instructor guides all activities on board and on shore.  


Will my payment be processed safely?

We work with professional booking software and payment providers like Stripe. They guarantee safe payment processing and protection of all our customer’s data.

We are more than happy to provide you with more details around our payment- and booking partners to take away any concerns you may have. Contact Us directly.  

What is included in your price?

We offer our trips all-inclusive. This includes marina & port fees, fuel, cleaning fee, tourism tax for archipelage of Maddalena. The crew on board: hostess, wellness instructor and skipper. Breakfast and lunch every day. Full bedding and towels. Guided wellness activities, like yoga. We provide the yoga mats and blocks. We also offer Wifi on board (4G connect available on board).

There are no hidden charges or ‘departure taxes’.


Can I also pay with Bank Transfer?

Yes, you can. Our check-out offers both online payments, as Bank Transfer. 

Bookings & Our Cancellation Policy

What is the cancellation policy? For instance because of Corona restrictions?

We have a very flexible cancellation policy. If due to Corona restrictions you’re unable to come to Olbia, Sardinia, than you’ll get a full refund as a travel credit. You will be able to reschedule your sailing trip on a later date the same year or the following year. 

Here you can find our Terms and Booking conditions.

How do I pay for my booking?

You will be provided with a personalized payment link or you can pay by bank transfer. 50% within the first 5 days and the remaining 50% 12 weeks before departure.

How do I know if there is still availability on the boat?

The booking form will indicate what cabins are still available in each week.

How do I get to the marina from the airport?

‘Sardinia Airport Transfer’ can be done by bus or we arrange you a taxi. Please send us your arrival and departure date and time and we will do our best to organize a pick-up for you.

Every taxi ride cost €50,-. 

The Activities & Sailing Route

What is the usual planning for dinner?

Depending on our daily destination, we normally look for the best restaurant in town and go out for dinner as a group. If you like to do your own thing, we are happy to recommend a good restaurant. 

Some nights we will anchor in a quite bay and need to cook for ourselves. We ask everyone’s participation for preparing a delicious and healthy meal.

What kind of wellness activities can I expect during the sailing journey?

We have special activities tailored to each location we will be visiting.

All our wellness activities will be guided by a professional wellness coach. Yoga, meditation, breath work, hiking and water activities are part of our program.

We also offer a special Spa visit during the week, you can book with us additionally. 

How much personal time do I have every day?

All our activities are optional. If you don’t feel like joining, you don’t have to. Our spacious yacht allows you to take time for yourself during our sail. Lagoons, marina’s and other places you can explore independently.

What are the highlights on our sailing route?

Maddalena archipelago with movie-like blue lagoons, colourful underwater world (we offer snorkeling gear on board), hidden/ secret bays, pearl white beaches, Bonifacio (must visit, iconic town of Corsica) and our Spa visit as relax-day. Also the differsity of food on board and the restaurants we visit are highlights. 

What kind of toys do you offer on the yacht?

You can rent paddleboards and snorkel sets with us additionally.

I do not concider booking any Spa treatments. What can I do that day instead?

We will be anchored infront of a beautifull beach and bay. You will have the option to swim, paddle board snorkel and hike on the island during the day. 

Food & Drinks

What is the usual planning for dinner?

Depending on our daily destination, we normally look for the best restaurant in town and go out for dinner as a group. If you like to do your own thing, we are happy to recommend a good restaurant. 

Some nights we will anchor in a quite bay and need to cook for ourselves. We ask everyone’s participation for preparing a delicious and healthy meal.

Where do you get your food from?

We work closely with local Sardinian farmers. We only work with fresh fruits and vegetables. We view this as an important element of our wellness concept.  

What kind of food and drinks can I bring myself?

You can bring your own alcohol (BYO) if you like. Snacks for underway are also nice to have. Please be mindfull with the amount of food and drinks you bring, as we have limited storage space available. 


Why Book With Us?

  • star rating  We had a great week with 7 friends and our amazing hosts Vincent and Vallery. Thank you both for this amazing experience ❤️.

    avatar thumb Aanenj
    2 October 2022
  • star rating  I loved the whole experience. The only thing I would change is the part where it was advised that it is customary for the guests to pay for the crews meals in the restaurants.
    Listen to the tip about luggage. I took way too much in a suitcase which was far too big for the cabin and only wore half the clothes inside it.

    avatar thumb Miss G
    31 August 2022
  • star rating  Life changing trip
    Loved sailing with Vincent & Vallery
    They are truly amazing people and passionate about sailing and wellness
    I loved our sail to Santa Teresa and Bonifacio Corsica

    avatar thumb Christinastellina
    22 July 2022
  • star rating  This was such an amazing trip and big part of if thanks to Vincent and Vallery❤️ They managed everything so well and made every day unique by bringing us to new places and doing something different each day. I’m counting the days already for the next trip!⛵️

    avatar thumb Sophie
    6 November 2022
  • star rating  What an amazing adventure this was. From waking up in breathtaking lagunes, having the most amazing food cooked by Vallery during breakfast and lunch to sailing towards unimaginable sunsets. With an experienced captain like Vincent, you always feel safe under sail. This trip is for any kind of sailer, from beginner to expert, as Vincents takes you under his wings to learn a bit more about yacht life. Scraping this off my bucketlist and ended up booking again for next year!

    avatar thumb Joeri B
    10 November 2022
  • star rating  This trip was nothing short of magical. From the carefully selected swim stops to the towns we visited for dinner and day excursions, Sailing 2 Wellness exceeded all expectations. Val and Vincent made me feel welcome, comfortable, and safe from the moment I stepped on the boat! Their wonderful expertise and planning made this sailing adventure something I’ll never forget! If you’re looking for a getaway where you can fully relax, recharge, and feel like royalty sailing around breathtaking islands in Italy and France, buy your ticket and book your flight now.

    avatar thumb Kasey L
    26 September 2022
  • star rating  Sailing 2 wellness was a mind blowing experience.
    Sailing around the beautiful islands Sardinia and Corsica in combination with good food, yoga&meditation sessions are highly recommended.

    Thanks again Vallery and Vincent for your great hospitality.
    Hope to see you next year.


    avatar thumb Libbe
    21 September 2022
  • star rating  We had an amazing time! Im a solo traveler, but the other guests and the crew on the boat was just amazing! Sailing, snorkeling and exploring the islands.

    avatar thumb Marie
    25 September 2022
  • star rating  The best experience ever. Sailing with Vincent and Vallery has been such an incredible week. They were super organised, knew what they were doing and super helpful in suggesting hiking or places to see or visit once we got to different marinas. And not to mention the food. Vallery is such an incredible chef. She proposed to us different healthy meals, so yummy and filling. I am so looking forward to summer 2023 to go on the next sailing adventure with them. Elisa

    avatar thumb elisalavera
    16 August 2022
  • star rating  This trip was hands down my favorite traveling experience! Vincent and Vallery were so welcoming and friendly; they have created a dream itinerary that had us swimming in the clearest, bluest waters and visiting the most charming little towns along the way. You really can’t beat the scenery! Val is an amazing chef, making delicious meals for us twice a day from fresh local Sardinian foods, and they had wonderful suggestions for dinner on the islands, making reservations when necessary. The boat is spacious and contains all you need for a comfortable stay, even at full capacity there is plenty of room for everyone to relax. It is the only boat trip I have been on, but I know it is a treat to have an entire boat and a small group as opposed to a ton of people on a cruise or tour boat! I highly suggest booking with Vincent and Val, as you will make amazing memories you won’t forget!

    avatar thumb Faith S
    19 August 2022