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Why Partner Up

We want to create a unique sailing experience, where we help our participants focus on personal growth. Offering activities like yoga, group meditation, hiking and sailing to bring everyone in the right state of mind. By using a luxurious yacht we are able to provide the space and right atmosphere for our program.

We are looking for like-minded partners that can compliment our Sailing 2 Wellness experience. Because partners can bring along new knowledge, different experiences and can become an asset to our team. This will not only take the sailing adventure to a next level, but will also build a stronger personal and business brand. 

Making you part of the experience:

  • Sail with us for 7 days & 7 nights
  • Guiding wellness activities
  • Groups of max 8 pers. per boat
  • Commission for every participant you bring on-board
  • Cross promotion on social channels

We Involve You

To become our partner, we like to involve you as much as possible. If you’ll be joining us on the boat, we would like to make you part of our adventure and ask you to guide and lead several activities during the week. 

By leveraging all our marketing channels, we will have a much greater reach. Running campaigns together and finding other ways to compliment each other’s services. 

How To Become Our Partner

When we can clearly see that you and your brand are a perfect match for Sailing2Wellness, we will work towards the best possible partnership. We want to make sure the collaboration will be a win-win both parties involved. 

You can connect with us through email or by phone. We love to connect with you personally to explore all possibilities on how we can support each other.

We take pride in our partnerships, such as the one we have with

Interested in becoming our partner?

Reach out to us by email, phone or our inquiry form
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